Live Events

We specialize in crafting perfectly customized, live entertainment experiences for large public and private events. Tell us about your event and let us make it incredible!


Want to invite EVERYONE to your annual gala, fundraiser, or award dinner? You can! We’ll create spectacular, unique entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone virtually!


Throwing a dinner, retirement, birthday, or anniversary party that you want people to talk about for years? We’ll design custom entertainment just for you that will make everyone ask when your next event will be!

About Us

Darker Marker Productions is a fully-insured live entertainment production company that specializes in the creation of complete entertainment experiences for large public and private events. Since 2011 Darker Marker Productions has taken pride in crafting entertainment solutions that direct crowds, encourage donations, build a mood, and maintain energy in addition to delighting audiences with breathtaking entertainment!

Live Events

Events to amaze and mystify your audience

Our team of creatives at Darker Marker Productions crafts perfectly themed and expertly integrated entertainment to make your event the most spectacular, unforgettable, and stress-free production of this year and for years to come!

Private Parties

Be the talk of the town!

We  love making any event extra special from bat mitzva to bicentennial and everything inbetween! We’ll custom design entertainment that perfectly compliments your style, guests, and vibe, then we’ll take it completely over the top so everyone will be vying for an invitation to your next party!


Have guests in multiple time zones? No problem!

Whether you’re hosting a virtual conference or a multi-day on-line fundraiser, we’ll create vitrual entertainment that will have your guests laughing, interacting, and enjoying time together!

Feature Productions

Book our jaw-dropping shows and delight your audiences

Our feature productions are stand-alone, feature-length shows that add a unique element to any venue’s programming. All shows can be booked as single performances or multi-show runs.

Marketing Events

Be the brand people line up for and go viral 

Including Darker Marker Productions’ elite-level performers in your branding and marketing strategy is the perfect choice to make sure your brand is seen far above the competition. We design entertainment solutions to amplify your message and draw a crowd at trade shows, conventions, public marketing campaigns, and special events. Want to see our performers throughout your campaign? We’ll work with your team to design stunning images and video that will make any print, web, or social media strategy extraordinary.