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Created by Six-Sigma certified professional athlete Charlie Faraday, Fitness for Cognitive Function is a data-driven, brain-focused fitness program with a statistical approach to health and wellness. Techniques used in the program are quantifiable, published in well-respected scientific journals, and continuously vetted by the highly-educated Darker Marker Academy staff of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, human physiologists, kinesiologists, and biochemists. Extensive metrics for each client are gathered and analyzed throughout the course to to ensure their fastest and most efficient improvement. We believe health is not lack of illness; health is the best function nature will allow!


Clients' progress in all areas of the program is quantified and tracked so well-informed, individualized adjustments can be made easily and quickly.

Sample Data

Research Based

All techniques are well-represented in the scientific literature, efficient, cost-effective, and show continued efficacy among our clients.


Highly Educated

Instructors degrees in a health and wellness field, current dietetics, CPR, AED, and first aid certifications, and are stay current on relevant scientific literature.


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