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Fitness For Cognitive Function

Get healthy. Save time. Build a better brain.

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Fitness For Cognitive Function
is a four week, brain focused, data-driven
course designed to help you build the best
brain you can.


When neglected, these
areas of health lead to
alarming consequences.


…but can have surprisingly
positive effects when
managed well.

 Watch the short video below to learn
how allergies, sleep, posture, and even
happiness affect cognitive performance.


In each daily 50 minute
session clients learn to use specialized
equipment, techniques, behaviors, and apps
to supercharge their mental performance.


Clients' progress is quantified and tracked in all areas of the program so well-informed, individualized adjustments are made easily and quickly.

Sample Data

Research Based

All techniques are well-represented in the scientific literature, efficient, cost-effective, and show continued efficacy among our clients.



Instructors have 4 year degrees in a health and wellness field, current CPR, AED, and first aid certifications, and stay current on relevant journals.

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Take the free downtown shuttle to our bright training space, contemporary test kitchen, and full bathroom with shower and towels provided.

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By making a series of manageable changes
designed specifically for you, you will begin a
cascade of cognitive and other health benefits.




To enroll, choose the a session on the
calendar below. To inquire about our on-site
course, tell us about your needs.


Questions? View our FAQs or contact us.

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