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Circus Arts



This open-level course teaches students proper technique on vertical aerial apparatuses, with primary focus on fabric (also called tissu or silks). Students are taken through progressions appropriate for their skill level and study under Charlie Faraday, current Cirque du Soleil and Marvel Universe Live database member and former head coach of the circus company Airealistic. Students should dress in tight-fitting attire that covers the midriff and backs of the knees. If a shirt/leggings are worn, the shirt must be able to be tucked in. Leotards are very strongly encouraged.

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Private Lessons

Students of all ability levels may register for private lessons with Charlie in any of the following disciplines. Charlie is the former head coach of the Southern California circus troop Airealistic, is a current member of the Cirque du Soleil and Marvel Universe Live casting databases, won Best Artistic Performance at the 2012 Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, has performed for Disney, Quixotic, Emerald City Trapeze, and Cirquetacular Entertainment, to name a few, and has been featured on AMC’s Showville, ABC7 Los Angeles, KCCI Des Moines, and The Des Moines Register.




Rope/Corde Lisse

Clowning/Physical Comedy

Circus Conditioning/Flexibility

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Foundation Classes



As well as providing a great physical workout, yoga can also improve flexibility, joint mobility, lymph circulation, and provide an experience of “moving meditation”. Safe modifications are provided, so all levels are welcome. This 45 minute lunchtime yoga session is perfect for those working downtown. Take a break for yourself during the busy workday and recharge for our noon hour yoga Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Ride the free D line shuttle directly to our location and be back to work in time for your 1:00 meeting!

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Myo Monday

Sitting at a desk and working at a computer, or any activity that lends toward chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain, can be frustrating and drastically detract from one’s quality of life. Myofascial release relieves sore muscles, increase flexibility, and can be used to reduce pain from migraines, cluster headaches, TMJ, and other similar conditions.

Myofascial release is a form of self-administered muscle therapy that releases tension and relaxes muscle knots. In this class students are guided through a series of techniques that can be used at home or work to keep their bodies working well and feeling great!


This class features flexibility techniques specifically designed for developing stable flexibility in ranges utilized in circus arts, dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, and other movement disciplines. Techniques used are from the circus tradition where strength in extreme ranges of flexibility and performer longevity are crucial. This class features flexibility techniques specifically designed for adult bodies with assistance provided by blocks, straps, and partners. All abilities are welcome from those working on touching their toes to those working on over splits and contortion!

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 Martial Arts-Inspired Classes



The brainchild of Kung Fu master Tom Burman, this fitness experience is a combination of Capoeira, Breakdancing, and Kung Fu. Classes integrate isometric and plyometric movement with high-energy group fitness. Concepts are also borrowed from Greco-Roman Wrestling techniques, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, yoga, and other disciplines.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu master Tom Burman guides students through the proper forms of Eagle Claw Kung Fu while introducing them to additional styles as well. Special focus is placed on technique, strength, and flexibility before students progress to sparring. All abilities are welcome!

Break Dance

Get your B-boy and B-girl vibe on! Have you ever wanted to break out moves that will leave the whole dance floor in awe of your skills? This is the place to start!  Learn break dancing, hip-hop, and popping. Build strength and flexibility with movement that incorporates aspects of Kung Fu, gymnastics, and traditional dance. We will explore the music, moves, culture, and community of the break dance movement!

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